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ProducTips for June 2022

Welcome to another edition of #ProducTips, as always, the tools we discuss on #ProducTips helps you save time and makes certain activities easier. 

For the article today, we feature content sharing tools and connection tools. The best part of these tools are that they are easily accessible from the web. 

Remember, all of our #ProducTips tools were first featured on our social media pages.

Push bullet

Pushbullet is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get links, notes, lists, files, and addresses from your desktop computer to your mobile device and vice versa. It connects all your devices together to easily share data.

You can set up Pushbullet on as many Android devices as you need, and from your desktop, you’ll be able to choose which device you want to push data to easily.

From the Pushbullet Web site, just pick which device you want to push to and choose what you want to send. You can drag and drop files from your computer to push them, and there are simple text fields where you can add notes, lists, and addresses.


One of the easiest ways to find an email address is to use an email lookup service. All you need to do is enter a person’s name or a website, and the tool will search for the relevant address for you. Hunter is one of those tools that help you get the email addresses behind any website in seconds.

Hunter lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter to your business.

If you are looking to contact a specific person, type the name on Hunter to find the email address immediately.


Behance is a platform that allows many people with web design careers to showcase their portfolios of visual work such as graphic design, fashion, illustration, and photography, and also get inspired by other peoples’ works. It is quite similar to Pinterest.

You can like and follow other people’s work, organize your work based on the type of project and You can also list projects that are under construction and ask your followers for feedback. 

Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic is a keyword tool that enables us to get a deeper level of understanding of how people search around topics – revealing questions and queries which you wouldn’t necessarily think of off the top of your head.

 It’s a fantastic, beautiful way to explore questions and problems that your prospects or customers actually have and build your content for your social media posts and blog posts to answer these questions. 


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