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ProducTips for April 2022

When you think about productivity, you think about time reduction, easier ways of performing an activity or smart tools. In this edition of #ProducTips, we are featuring a tool that makes team collaboration easier, a tool for Social media content scheduling and a tool that brings you all the best colours. 

As with all our #ProducTips tools, these were featured first on our social media platform first.

ROCK.SO (all-in-one project management tool)

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You know as a team, you work on different tasks and projects at the same time and have to keep track of the progress of each task which is always stressful. This is one of the things Rock.so has helped us tackle. We can create tasks, notes and topics and track their progress with this tool. With Rock.so, you can manage internal communication and day-to-day activities in the office, on the go and anywhere.      

Rock.so is similar to Slack, Trello, Discord and WhatsApp but has more advanced features. It was built for Startups, freelance projects, small businesses, school projects, product development, website development and teams of all sizes and it is available on iOS, Windows, Web, Android and Linux. 


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Buffer is a tool that can be used to schedule your social media posts to relieve you of the stress and anxiety that comes with having to set reminders for content posting at a particular time. Most of all, you can unlock new productivity levels with Buffer. 

You can manage your accounts on social networks, by scheduling posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as analyze their results.

Buffer has been such a lifesaver for us, as we can now create content and schedule them to be posted on our social media platforms on a particular day and time that we choose.


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Coolors.co provides you with numerous colour palettes to save your time and improve productivity. With Coolors.co, you can easily create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of beautiful colour schemes and also explore trending palettes to make beautiful designs.

Creating a palette with coolors.co is as easy as locking a particular colour and coolors.co brings out matching colours which you can also shuffle and pick the best match too.


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