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The web makes up the largest percentage of the internet, you can reach more people by using the web alone.
Building a website or a web application allows your audience or users to see you and interact with you very quickly without the restriction of having to download from any app store. This can apply to any business system or enterprise system (ERP).
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Web Development Types

WordPress Theme-based Websites Development

The theme-based website development is ideal for startup ideas or brand awareness, they provide a quicker way to get your website developed without having to spend so much in terms of cost for development. WordPress content management system (CMS) provides good SEO, flexibility and extensibility.

Wordpress website design
Custom website design in Nigeria

Custom Website Development

When you have a unique representation for your website or web platform, think of custom development. It is the best way to truly stand out on the internet. We strongly recommend custom websites for corporate organisations and NGOs because they have a unique identity that the world needs to recognise. When we develop a custom website design and development project for you, we can create a masterpiece that tells the world about you which will be very hard to miss. Our custom website development technology is custom WordPress development and JAMStack with Strapi CMS.

Web App Development

Web Apps exist for various business reasons but chief among all is the ability to be everywhere without restrictions. Unlike a mobile app, the web app is built for the web and this means that anybody can have access to it without going through the intermediary of the app stores. Businesses or ventures with vast features are encouraged to be developed as a web app, for ease of use as well as widescreen visualisation. Web apps technology includes ReactJS and VueJS

Web App Development in Nigeria
Progressive Web App (PWA) Development in Nigeria

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Development

A progressive web app is a web app that is more mobile responsive. That is the simplest way to put it and if you have a project idea for a web app but are very particular about mobile users, then the PWA is the route to go. We highly encourage our clients who desire a web app to develop a PWA instead because of its easy adaptation for mobile users/devices. Our PWA technology is NextJs, NuxtJS, and Quasar.

Web Development process
& timeframe


Discovery Session

This is the most important stage in product development. In the Discovery stage, we aim to understand the Web platform that’s to be built from the perspective of the client and other stakeholders on the project. As much as possible, the discovery sessions will help iron out grey areas as it relates to the project and also provides the client with the expectations in terms of deliverables and communication patterns throughout the product development.


Prototyping and UI/UX

We operate a prototype first approach to development. The prototype provides a visual outlook on the expected project and we do this majorly for custom web projects. The client will see what to expect at the end of the project development period.

Theme Setup

In theme-based web development, we present options of look and feel that resonate with the clients’ approach to development in the form of existing themes or templates that will be purchased by the client. After the purchase of a suitable theme, we will need to set the theme up by customising it to suit the business or brand’s outlook. 



This is the technical aspect of the project where logic meets design to result in a product. Clients should typically expect to be updated periodically as various tasks identified with the development phase get completed.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance happen at various steps in the project development process. Depending on the type of project, various test cases and scenarios can be applied. Testing and quality assurance procedures aim to guarantee product quality and reliability.



The release or deployment happens after conclusively passing all the stages above. Every project has its distinct deployment method and duration. However, on average, a typical web project platform will take between 14 days to 3 months to get to the release stage


Web Development
Cost Options

We have three pricing options to make your payment flexible and stress-free, checkout out our pricing options.

Generally, our web development cost in Nigeria starts from NGN200,000 for theme-based website development and NGN1M for custom website development. Other web-related projects also start from NGN1.5M

web development cost in Nigeria

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