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Web 3 technology provides techniques and processes to reinvent development that bring innovative solutions in different sectors. We help you analyse your idea, consult on market validation procedures to ensure your idea is solving a problem people are willing to adopt and then work with you in selecting what blockchain network to work with or build on

Web3 Development Types

dApp / Defi Projects

This includes all distributed app project ideas for both financial related – cryptocurrencies, utility and trading apps.

dApp and Defi Projects development in Nigeria
Smart Contracts Development in Nigeria

Smart Contracts

These are Smart contract projects across different blockchain networks and technologies.

Web3 Game Development

Token-based games, metaverse games, simulations and play-to-earn games on blockchain networks.

Web3 Game Development Company in Nigeria
Web3 Software Developer in Nigeria

Web3 Software Development

This cut across any type of software project or SaaS(software as a service) on secure public or private blockchain networks.

Web3 Development process
& timeframe


Discovery Session

This is the most important stage in product development. In the Discovery stage, we aim to understand the project idea and system that’s to be built from the perspective of the client and other stakeholders in the project. As much as possible, the discovery sessions help iron out grey areas as it relates to the project and also provide the client with expectations in terms of deliverables and communication patterns throughout the product development.


Prototyping and Modelling

We operate a prototype first approach to development. The prototype provides a visual outlook on the expected project. The client can see what to expect at the end of the project development. 


This is the technical aspect of the project where logic meets design to result in a product. Clients should typically expect to be updated periodically as various tasks identified with the development phase get completed.


Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance happens at various steps in the project development process. Depending on the type of project, various test cases and scenarios can be applied. Testing and quality assurance procedures aim to guarantee product quality and reliability.



The release or deployment happens after conclusively passing all the stages above. Every project has its distinct deployment method and duration. However, on average, a typical Web3 project platform will take 3-months to get to the release stage.


Web3 Development
Cost Options

We have three pricing options to make your payment flexible and stress-free, checkout out our pricing options.

Generally, our Web3 development cost in Nigeria starts from NGN3,000,000 and increases depending on the bot’s complexity.

web3 development cost in Nigeria

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