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The act of buying and selling will forever remain the hallmark for businesses.
We design and build business processes from start to finish for Online stores and Marketplace platforms.
We will also provide the added benefit of guiding e-commerce project owners on how they can increase sales from their stores. Begin your e-commerce project with us today

Ecommerce Platforms

Marketplace Ecommerce

A marketplace e-commerce platform has various stakeholders who are the core users of the platform. It is essentially a B2B e-commerce platform where there is more than one seller on the platform. We work with the project owner to develop their marketplace structure for their various processes- from inventory to checking out for the different sellers on their platform. The marketplace e-commerce is typically like a “physical market plaza” and as such, each process requires clarity in its development.

Marketplace ecommerce website development

Online Store

The Online store development is for people who have a brand or business that services their immediate customers- this is more like a B2C e-commerce platform where the seller is selling to their direct customers. We work with brands and organisations like these to build their easy-to-use e-commerce store and we provide the right guidance on how to make sales after development
Online shop website development

Ecommerece Developments


This is for low-budget but high-value online stores. If the store owner is already familiar with WordPress, this might be a good option. Woocommerce store development comes with low setup cost and low running cost whilst delivering great value to the store owners, access to low-cost plugins makes it easy to scale

woocommerce ecommerce development
magento ecommerce development

Magento Development

This is for medium to large stores and provides more flexibility and functionality. Magento development requires a higher budget and higher running cost than Woocomerce. It provides better scalability potential and performance.

Shopify Development

Shopify gives ease of management for the store owner. Shopify comes with a monthly subscription fee, it’s a great option to get started quickly and go live

Custom E-Commerce Development

Custom eCommerce is a great option if you have a unique feature or process that you want to offer through your eCommerce website or app. The custom feature might be AR or some sort of process that is not available through other development options

Ecommerce Development process
& timeframe


Discovery Session

This is the most important stage in product development. In the Discovery stage, we aim to understand the e-commerce platform that’s to be built from the perspective of the client and other stakeholders on the project….


Prototyping and UI/UX

We operate a prototype first approach to development. The prototype provides a visual outlook on the expected project and we do this for a custom e-commerce project. The client will see what to expect at the end of the project development period.

Store Setup

In the store setup, we present options of look and feel that resonate with the clients’ approach to development in the form of existing themes or templates. Then we will create the workflow and then design the unique graphics for the store.



This is the technical aspect of the project where logic meets design to result in a product. Clients should typically expect to be updated periodically as various tasks identified with the development phase get completed.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance happen at various steps in the project development process. Depending on the type of project, various test cases and scenarios can be applied. Testing and quality assurance procedures aim to guarantee product quality and reliability



he release or deployment happens after conclusively passing all the stages above. Every project has its distinct deployment method and duration. However, on average, a typical e-commerce project platform will take between 14 days


Ecommerece App Development Cost Options

We have three pricing options to make your payment flexible and stress-free, checkout out our pricing options.

Generally, our e-commerce development cost in Nigeria starts from NGN350,000 for non-custom development and from NGN 1.5M for custom development

cost of ecommerce website development in Nigeria

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