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Moov Africa Ecommerce Website

The Case Study for Moov Africa Ecommerce Website

Project Overview

Moov Africa had a previous website that needed a redesign to improve its overall look and feel as well as harmonise the technology used across their platforms. Essentially, the Moov Africa website provides information about the business and their service offerings to the general public and their existing customers. The redesigned website also features an e-commerce platform.

Project Background

We began development from the e-commerce aspect of the project as per requested and we discovered that to have a truly scalable platform we needed to redesign the website too.
Our focus was to streamline the information on the website to be more uniform and present them in an easy-to-navigate process for any website visitor. 

While developing the website, we paid attention to retaining the website SEO, Integrating a CRM for the business and creating a seamless checkout system for ecommerce customers on the Moov Africa platform.  

Project Status

Completed in 2023.

The project is in current use by the client.

Project Components


Moov Africa Website

This is the public face for Moov Africa, it shows all the service offerings that Moov Africa provides and also the contact information.

Moov Africa Online Shop
E-commerce website

This shows all the products that are available for sale from the Moov Africa Commerce shop- Mshop. The general public can purchase the products listed and have it delivered to them.

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