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AKA Multilingual Bible App

The Case Study for AKA Multilingual Bible App

Project Overview

AKA Multilingual Bible app is a study companion for anyone, it offers a unique feature that allows people read up to four bible translations at once. It also features different bible study components like bible dictionary, bible commentaries and audio and text notes. 

Project Background

When you download the AKA Multilingual Bible app, you’ll find that the platform is easy to navigate and has a minimalistic look and feel. We created this look and feel to ensure that there is focus on the action the users wants to do when they enter the application. The development process for this platform afforded us the opportunity to collaborate with Open source Bible libraries and organistions in charge of Bible translations across the world. 

The project has some unique features across the platform like the ability to read up to 4 different bible translations and versions at once. The ability to read bible commentaries per bible book you are reading. The ability to make audio and text notes based on the chapter that you are reading. 

Project Status

Completed in 2021.

The project is in current use by the client.

Project Components


AKA Multilingual Bible Mobile App
Mobile App

This app is available on the android and iOS mobile devices. It also features bible content from Bible Project and Bible Talk Tv

AKA Multilingual Bible Web App
Web App

This web app is available for everyone on the web and it also has various bible translations, bible commentaries and notes.

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