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Gluchen Staffing Website Design

The Case Study for Staffing Website Design

Project Overview

Gluchen Healthcare staffing website project provides a great way to understand the project offerings that Gluchen Staffing provides to Health care job personnel and Health care facilities in need of healthcare staff. Gluchen Staffing offers various staffing options for Health Care facilities like temporary staff, permanent staff and speciality staff.  

Project Background

To tell Gluchen’s story and address their different audience segments we resolved to create a clear and visual website interface. We did this to ensure that the users are in tune with the story on each page. With clear and bold text copies, it’ll be easy to read quickly while scrolling through the pages of the website.

Based on our discussions with the project owner, it seems that healthcare facilities might not advertise their job openings publicly. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to have a dedicated section where healthcare professionals can submit their resumes. This way, they can receive feedback from healthcare facilities if they are selected for potential opportunities.

Project Status

Completed in 2023.

The project is in current use by the client.

Project Components


Gluchen Staffing Website and Branding
Website Design and Branding

This website allows clients to reach out to Gluchen.

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