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Huborin Music Game App

The Case Study for Huborin Music Gaming Platform

Project Overview

The Huborin music gaming app offers an enjoyable fusion of music trivia and gaming. With various engaging game modes, players can have a blast while testing their music knowledge. You can even play with friends for added fun. The game covers a range of challenges, from identifying the artist of a song to recalling its release date. All of this excitement is wrapped up with a lively 30-second timer per quiz.

Project Background

The game idea first needed to be sketched out and then prototyped before development. For the looks and feel of the game, we chose simplicity and minimal touch points to complete an action. We didn’t want the game players to perform so many taps or swipes before they could make progress on the game. We also choose Bold colours for the platform to inspire vibrance and fun. Overall, the aim was to have an interesting platform on the device of the game player that they can always come back too.

One key thing that stands out in Huborin is the play with friends feature, a QR code can be scanned if you and your friend are in the same location or a link can be sent to your friend to invite them to join you in a game. The leaders board will always improve the bragging rights of game players generally so it was good to have it on the Huborin Platform.

Project Status

Completion date: 2020

The Project Owner paused the project as their team is working on expansion.

Project Components


Huborin App
Mobile App

The app is for the game players. This is a mobile game.

Admin Management System
Web App

The admin is for management and analytics. This enable the team have an oversight on the game usage.

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