Cost of App Development in Australia: How Much Does it Cost to Develop & Build an App?

cost of app development in Australia

If you are reading this, then chances are that you want to know the cost of app development in Australia. How much does it really cost to develop, create and build an App that delivers what it promises?

The cost of creating an app is relatively one of the reasons many individuals and companies don’t undertake the mobile app development for their ideas. In spite of this reason, mobile application development is increasing daily even though the quality of some apps are not up to standard. Android’s Google Play-Store boasts of +3 million applications at present. In the future, mobile apps are going to be the number one business tool in Australia and the world at large.

How much does it really cost to develop, create and build an App that delivers what it promises?

But why is cost an Issue you might be wondering? If mobile apps are essential for businesses why should the price matter right?

Well, let’s be your guide and your companion, shall we?

Cost of App Development: The Analysis

For the most part, many businesses and investors in the mobile app development scene have discovered a slight setback; caused by uncertainty and lack of knowledge on this crucial subject of the cost of app development.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in Australia?

We have leveraged on our experience to bring you an in-depth analysis of mobile application development cost estimate, budgeting and application delivery. We would want to ensure that when you venture or if you have ventured into this path that your journey gets more comfortable.

In the course of our research for this article, we encountered interesting questions that need concrete answers. Some of them are: “How much does it cost to create an app?” or “What is the cost breakdown for Mobile application development”? Or even “Who do I hire to build my app?”.

“Is hiring a freelancer the best option?” was the most frequently asked question during our research.

These questions notably arose because of the development experience encountered by some individuals and companies with various developers or development teams.

“Is hiring a freelancer the best option?”

In a moment we would make a comparison between the freelancer and a Company that specializes in building Apps for Mobile phones while also giving a cost estimation for mobile app development minimum viable product, this is to ensure that you understand the cost of creating an app in Australia and even understand the app development process as a customer.


Let’s now dive into the details.

Mobile App Development in Australia

App developers build and develop mobile apps which are a combination of so many interesting elements like visual design, logos, icons, database, programming, and user experience(UX) among many others.

Mobile applications can be made by an app development company or by a  freelancer.

In the latter part of this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of both teams for development. (I’m sure you will like that).

While talking about building a mobile application, you should know that there are different classes or nature of apps;

They are classified based on functions and features. Development time may also be a determinant but let’s focus on the functions and features attribute.

The guys at THINKMOBILES gave us a good analysis of app classification.

Cost of App Development: Classification of Mobile Apps

Cost of App Development Classification of Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are divided into 3 categories: Simple, Moderate and Complex.

Simple Apps

These are apps whose development requires no API integration, no back-end, or standard UI components. But they would have notable features like email subscription, social login, calendar, etc. In this category, apps like Quick Pic, Google Calendar, and Google Clock, etc. are included.

Moderate Apps

These type of apps require custom UI features, payment features, API integration, headsets and tablets adaptation, back-end server, etc. An example of apps in this category includes the already famous Whatsapp, Slack, hotel booking app and so much more.

Complex Apps

They include apps like Facebook, Twitter, Duolingo and most gaming application, etc. These types of apps require multi-language support, 3rd-party integrations, custom animations, complicated back-end, professional design and real-time features also.

From these classifications, it is easy to point out that complex apps will likely cost more than simple or moderate apps to develop.

Mobile Application Development and Developers in Australia.

In Mobile application development, developing for one platform is not popular anymore. To get a broad reach and popular acceptance with your app, create for the two popular mobile Platforms, i.e.Android and IOS platforms. Apps done on these two mobile platforms are a lot easier to market and promote.

Each stage of application development require typically the same skill set but adapts for the different platforms. Sometimes a programmer for the Android environment may not be able to write the program for the IOS app environment. As a result, you will likely have two programmers for one app project. This issue constitutes the app development cost.

This is also a subtle hint on why you should not hire a freelancer for your mobile app development. A freelancer’s skill can be limited to a particular environment, and you would not get the satisfactory result on your app project.

Each stage of development is taken care of by a different type of developer, but the project manager brings everything and everyone together. Oh! Please note that developers are not coders. A developer is a common name associated with an individual with the required technical skill to execute an app project. They include but not limited to app programmers, user experience expert, user interface designer and quality assurance expert.

Hence, with the different stages of app development, a different developer is required, sometimes two or more developers are needed to work on a particular stage.

Developers are not coders

There are so many intelligent app developers located in different cities of Australia who can handle mobile app development projects. Special man global solution has been positioned as one of the very best in the world to handle all types of app development with our expert-driven development team. You should check us out.

When it comes to cost, Location can also become a very huge determining factor. This is because environmental factors play a big role in developmental charges. For this reason an App developer in Melbourne is likely to charge you more than an app developer in Sydney or even an App developer in Australia.

In addition, overall development cost can be said to be influenced by location, time or duration of development and the nature or class of the app.

Typically, application development time would take 2-3months. But depending on the type of app, it can take a longer.

Development cost is influenced by location, time or duration of development and the nature or class of the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Create An App? Cost Estimation and Development Stages

 Software development stages are followed in mobile app development. We are highlighting the stage of development with cost estimate per time duration and also letting you in on the professionals in charge of the different stages.

Let’s take a look at the stages of development.

mobile app development stages

Mobile Ideation & Research |Time: 200hrs |Cost: A$84- A$139

Every development begins with an idea.

Same with mobile app development. It all starts with your brilliant idea. Then research, this is done to answers certain questions like who is your potential target user or audience? How many are they and what problems will your app help solve?

Then, to identify your top competitors, analyze the market and develop your strategies to come up with something they are missing. This is usually done by a business developer.

At the end of this stage, a written document created by the content developer would be presented, this will explain in details what the project is about and what is expected of each developer at the different development stages. This stage should take up to 8 days minimum (About 200hrs). It would cost approximately A$84- A$139.

Design |Time: 336hrs |Cost: A$222- A$416

This stage puts a visual to your idea. It also involves the User Interface design and wire-framing.  Generally, it shows the information architecture. In addition, it also displays how the user flows through the different component of the app. Visual designers, User Interface designers and front end designers usual work on this stage.

As a result, this stage presents an organized, structured workflow sketch of the screens and each screen components, all the buttons and everything the eye can see on the app is created here in this stage.

Development time for this stage will be for is usually for a minimum of 14days (336hours) with a fee of approximately A$222- A$416.

Interactive Prototyping |Time: 240hrs |Cost: A$166-A$249

A video-like rendering would be used to display the app to be developed. This will enable the client understand how the mobile application features and feedback work. Principally, the User interface designer is in charge of this stage of development. This stage will cost approximately A$166-A$249 depending on the features.

Coding |Time: 480hrs |Cost: A$277-A$555

This stage is the most essential one, this is where the app coders write the codes for the application under the strict guidance of the project manager. This includes both coding the front-end design and coding for the back-end functionalities. The cost of this stage will be in the range of A$277-A$555 and it will take 480hrs (20days).

Testing |Time: 144hrs |Cost: A$111-A$166

Quality assurance experts will at this stage test the mobile app and ensure the app is free from bugs and errors. This should last for typically 144hrs and would cost A$111-A$166


At this stage, the app is all set and ready for use by the user. After the app development team must have uploaded the app to the App stores and fulfill the requirement, the app would be published and can be downloaded by users. As at the time of creating this post, the cost of putting an app on the play store is A$34; while the cost of putting in on the apple app store is A$132.


This is largely where maintenance and advertisement takes place. There are various ways of doing this, from target advertisement, promotional videos, launching events etc. The amount spent at this stage is relative.

From our analysis, it can be said that the mobile app development cost breakdown are as follows:

App development cost breakdown Show entriesSearch:

Ideation & ResearchA$ 112A$ 112A$ 112
Design  A$ 294A$294A$ 294
Coding – Back- End & Front EndA$ 300A$ 300A$ 662
TestingA$ 147A$147A$ 220
DeploymentA$ 34A$ 132A$ 34+ A$ 132=A$ 166
Interactive PrototypingA$ 220A$ 220A$ 331
TotalA$ 1107A$ 1205A$ 1785

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How Much it Cost to Build an App: Five Major things to Have in your app project

  1. App Maintenance/updates: This is an after app deployment essential. Your development company need to run maintenance to ensure that the app doesn’t stop working at point.
  2. Logos/icons: You will need a logo for your app. It is that unique icon that identifies it on the app store and to your users.
  3. Who to call for corrections: The app will need some modification at some point. Your development team are the go-to people when you notice or get feedback of something amiss. It is usually a good advice to pay them a yearly maintenance fee at least for a period of 5 years
  4. UI/UX: Thorough research has to be done to understand the persona or people your app is targeted at. This research will help how the design team designs the mobile app interface. It would also identify areas of your app that needs a change to fit the user demand.
  5. Push notifications: Every Mobile app notwithstanding the type or nature needs a web platform that will act as the admin panel which will drive communication for whatever instance it is required.

These 5 tips given above are some of the benefits you’ll have when developing your app with us, we have value our customers and treat their project like it is ours. We give a money back guarantee policy for any deadline missed.  Click Here to start developing your mobile app today.

Now you know the stages involved in mobile app development and how much it costs to create an app.

But who should you hire to develop your app. Freelancers? Or Mobile app development companies?

Let’s have our comparison, Shall we?

Freelancer vs. Development Company

A freelancer is regarded as someone with necessary skills needed at a particular time. They are often regarded as a “Jack of all skills” and are willing to do your much needed job at a relative price. They typically canvas for loads of work and would not likely not have that attention to detail that your project require.

The freelancer cannot be held liable if anything goes wrong with your project. One important thing to know about a freelancer is that although some would claim to be an expert in every field they usually aren’t.

A development company, on the other hand, have so many skilled staff who are coordinated by a project manager. They have a reputation they would want to protect and as such would not dillydally with your project. The development company would have specialized experts in the various department so you will be getting the best from every department on your project work.

It is always advisable for any individual or company to work with a development company for a mobile app project, it will save them the stress of uncertainty with the project. The downside about a development company, however, is Cost. They would charge you more than a freelancer would but would give you the quality and peace of mind the freelancers may not afford to.

Cost of App Development: The Executive Summary

We have looked at what mobile app development entails and the different stages involved in the process. Including the cost of each stage.

It is estimated from our calculation that the cost of creating an app is about A$880-A$1400.

* This price is basically for the app essentials and doesn’t include the price of special features.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions you’ll want us to answer.

To get an accurate cost of your specific mobile app, click here an email will be sent to you with the exact price of your mobile.

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