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ProducTips for May 2022

Hey there, welcome to another tools showcase of #ProducTips where we show you tools that will make your work easier, faster and better.

In this article, we would showcase a few tools that were first featured on our social media pages in the month of may and tell you a bit more about them.

Let’s get right into it;


Taking screenshots while working or during personal screen times is easy on windows, but its default function is minimal, hence there is a need for third-party software with more advanced features. Lightshot is that tool that helps you take, edit and share screenshots easily on your desktop.

Lightshot allows you to select any area on your desktop and take its screenshot with 2 button clicks. It is available as a chrome extension and is very easy to use.


Having all your links in your bio makes your contents easily discoverable by audiences. 

Linktree houses all your important links in one place for free, so you can have your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website, youtube links and any other important links all in one place.

Creating a Linktree takes a few minutes and can be easily managed. You can also customize your Linktree to embody your brand through colours, fonts and images.


When looking for a domain registrar to buy a domain name, one of the things people look out for is security. Namecheap is a secure tool to buy and register your domain name. 

With Namecheap, you can also get a secure and reliable private Email connected to your domain.


Hotjar is a behaviour analytic and user feedback software that helps you understand your website visitors and users by showing you where users click on your website, what content is getting seen and what is being ignored.

Hotjar tracks customer satisfaction, customer effort, and how likely they are to recommend your products or brand over time.


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