Your Excellency Game – Adventure and Governance Game

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“Are you ready to run for governor?”

The Client

Youth Alive Foundation

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The Challenge

To create a digital game for android devices which would strengthen public awareness, engagement, discourse, and support for issues that improve transparency, accountability and good governance in a cool, fun and innovative way.  The game will serve as a learning tool for young people on governance: the structures, processes and activities with key highlight on the role of citizens in improving governance and engaging in the governance process. The game would be designed to have players play the role of active citizens first before playing the role through the tiers of government: local government and state government.

Our Solution

From our research, we studied that more young people play running games than any other type of mobile games because it requires less amount of concentration and has a high amount of subconscious learning ques.

We opted to design a running game that would be fun, relaxing, educate the game player about governance issues, cabinet selection and infuse our culture into it.

The game character

Your Excellency Game
Stage 2 Game Character Outfit

Both male and female character we dressed in cultural attire for the game stages, from active citizenship to the role of governor.

The Game Task

Your Excellency Game
level 1 Game Task Screen

12 level game tasks were designed to educate the game player on the role of the citizen, local government chairman and governor. A multiple choice question was introduced at the end of every level to test what was learnt in each level. Another timed multiple choice question is introduced in the case the player fails to complete the game task, so as to receive additional life.

The Game Environment

Your Excellency Game
Stage 3 Game Environment

The game environment were modeled after the three types of settlement areas we have in Nigeria; Rural, Semi-Urban and Urban environments. The environment played a crucial role in segmenting game stages. The rural envirnoment for the active citizen, Semi-Urban for the LGA chairman and Urban for the Governor.

The Game Task Icons

Your Excellency Game
Level 5 Game Icon

Various game icons were designed to be collected in the course of running in the game levels, these beautifully designed game icons reflected the purpose of each level and keeps the player in focus every game time.

Project Logo

The project logo was designed to typify the project theme: A quest to hold political office. Hence the empty seat. The country flag is to connote the country of origin of the game-Nigeria.

Project Timeline

The agreed upon project timeline was 3months i.e 91 days. Project was delivered at the appropriate time before the end of the deadline date.