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Sydney boasts of so many interesting business industries like franchise business, import/export, family businesses and so many more. The tourism industry also supplies a significant portion of income to Australia economy.

Technology has dramatically changed the way business is done around the world, and Sydney has not been left out.

Do you want to reach a broader audience than Australia?

Web design Sydney has kicked off vigorously with reports showing that websites and social media drive more than half of the businesses in Sydney. Buying, selling, making payments all these can be done on a website.

Get an appealing and breathtaking website today and watch how your business will expand significantly beyond the shores of Botany Bay (Pun Intended).

Every business is a global brand and should not be limited within the confined space of the startup location.

Do you want to reach a broader audience than Sydney? And you are wondering; what kind of website would fit my business model?

We are one step ahead of you.


Types of websites you can build and their price estimate

As a brand that’s always interested in your business and enterprise, we care so much about your investment in a website for your business.

Hence, whether you own a small business or are just starting out, we offer the best price for web design Sydney that you can afford comfortably.

Types of web design Sydney

Custom Websites ($700-$2000)

Custom web design is to the specification and taste of the client. Expert industry knowledge, quality SEO content and brand strategy are implemented to propel the brand behind the website.

Custom websites are popular among cooperate organisations and large corporations who are particular about their brand representation.

Custom web development project involves quite a number of web developers and web designers to give that superior quality associated with custom web design.

The estimated cost for a custom website is $700-$2000. The time frame for development is typically between 7days to 28days.

Content Management System Websites (WordPress Sites) ($300-$1200)

CMS sites allow you edit digital content on your website. They are typically for adding, modifying, and removing contents-images or texts on your websites without technical knowledge on web design (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript).

The most popular CMS is word press.

WordPress websites also come with themes for the front ends design and plugins for special functions on the websites; which makes it relatively straightforward to develop.

The themes for your CMS site can either be bought, free or built for you and they are classified differently based on your business or enterprise need.

The CMS website can also be custom made, and it just cost a little less than custom-made websites to build. Development time for CMS websites is between 7- 28days, and it cost approximately $300-$1200.

Forums ($500-$2200)

Forum websites are a very interactive and information sharing type of website.  Examples are Quora, Reddit etc. they involve having an extensive database and robust security at the server side.

Building this type of website will take a few days more than the CMS website, about 8-30 days typically and it would cost $500-$2200.

Types of Web Design Sydney

E-commerce ($500-$3000)

Ecommerce websites are largely popular in Sydney; they are websites that allow you to buy and pay for goods on the same platform.

These type of website like the forum website involves a secure database. The front end design for this site usually has to be aesthetically appealing and properly segmented.

Ecommerce websites can either be template or custom made depending on your preference and features you want it to have.

This website would cost $500-$3000 to develop and would take 7-18days to build.

Blogs ($500-$700)

Blog sites are content-based site, they can either be template based or custom made.

They do not take so much time to develop as the ecommerce website and generally don’t cost much. The time frame for creating a blog is usually between 1- 8days depending on the complexity of the blog.

The cost of developing a blog is $500-$700.

Personal ($400-$1000)

A personal website is typically for creative businesses which include photography, resume or graphic design portfolio.

They don’t cost a lot to develop, the price range is $400-$1000, and it would take 1-10days to build.

What influences Website cost?

Website design cost is influenced by a number of factors some of which include:

  • Development time
  • Assets or features requested/required on a project e.g. animated video, infographics, video streaming and so many others.
  • Location; where the development is being done
  • Hiring a freelancer or a web design company
  • Type of website you choose to develop

These are some basic factors that influence website cost. A few other things that you will need to pay for aside the website design cost are:

  • Domain name

The domain name is the unique identifier for your website. For example, our domain name is specialmansolution.com. A domain name comes in many variants e.g. “.com”,”.com.au”,”.net”, ”.org” and so many more

It usually costs between $15- $20, and for this price, the name can be yours for at least a year or two depending on where it is bought.

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology on your web server.

This ensures that all communication between the web server for your website and browsers that view your website remain private.

This is basically to protect your website from hackers.

  • Server Infrastructure

There are various options for the server infrastructure that can be used to host your website. Each of them come with their various advantages and cost.

There are cloud-based servers, VPS server, shared server and dedicated server.

We would guide your choice of the best type of server infrastructure for your website. The cost for server infrastructure can range from as low as $150 to $3000 per year.

  • Asset/ Features

Features and assets are the primary elements that make up your website. They could come in the form of videos, images, articles and so many more.

These elements can either be bought or free, but to evade copyright issues it is best to purchase them or make yours. The price for these features are relative, but we will always give you the best deal for your website.

We will help you make the right technical choice for your website.

At this point, you should be able to visually see your website and how much you are going to invest in it to make it a reality.

You would not want an incompetent hand destroying the pretty image of the website in your mind. How do you choose a developer for your project?

Let’s show you how;

5 things to look out for when hiring a web developer in Sydney Australia   

First, before we begin, there are two types of people who can develop your website, and they are freelancers and Web Design Company.

These two have their advantages and disadvantage, we will enumerate them with the 5 things to look out for when hiring a developer.

  1. Time allocation: Your website doesn’t need to be rushed. Hence you need to find a developer who understands this and would allocate the necessary time for it. A freelancer would not be the best fit especially as they are fond of gathering too many jobs at a time, this would lead to them rushing your job and not having the quality that you deserve at the end of the day.
  2. Cost of development: The cost of development we have on our site and in this post are ours. Some developers or design firms and even freelancers may charge higher than we would. This is due to reasons they have within their organization. We always ensure we give the lowest prices so you don’t lose your interest in your ideas.
  3. Mode of delivery: Your website project needs to be delivered in a manner that allows corrections and modification where necessary. A web design company has the right medium to do this than a freelancer would.
  4. Portfolios: Always request a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of works done by a developer. This can be obtained from either a freelancer or design firm on request.
  5. What other services can you offer: It is important to note that your web development project can spin off into other projects like digital marketing and content marketing. So it is also important that your web developer has other skills than web development to handle them as the need arises. Freelancers are often experts at one skill at the expense of other skills required for added services. A web design firm like ours has several competent staff enough to handle any added service that may arise from your web project. We also offer support to our client for a period of time after their project has been completed.

You have seen 5 things to look out for when hiring a web developer and you are probably wondering if you can hire us to build your website.

Yes, you can.

Matter of fact? You should hire us to develop your website for you and watch how your business/ enterprise would grow.

Things that make us your most preferred web developer

  • Research First Policy

We conduct thorough research around your idea, business or enterprise with the aim of getting the best possible angle to position it because we understand that every design is unique in its own and so is your web development project.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

For all development project we undertake, we do not collect your sensitive information about the project without signing a Non-Disclosure agreement.

We value your idea so much and to ensure it is protected against theft or copying, although great ideas are prone to be copied eventually.

  • Money Back Policy

Timely delivery of every project is our watchword hence we set up a Money Back policy to make sure our Clients gets back their money if we delay on delivery time.

  • Affordable Pricing

Our prices are affordable, and we are open to partnerships and or collaborations in some rare cases where the client can’t pay.

Accordingly, we allow a payment per milestone achieved practice for our clients, this is to allow them to pay as the project goes.

  • Continuous Support/Maintenance

Most development companies build your project and leave you afterwards, but we don’t, we stay on with you to continuously improve your project and even help you with your marketing campaign.

As an Organization, we give ourselves all out to our clients to ensure they have the best every time. Our support team is always swift to answer if you have any questions.

  • Added Service

When you develop with us, you don’t just get your project delivered alone. You also get added products like Logos, promotional videos for advertisements and marketing and many more interesting and exceptional services.

As an Organization, we give ourselves all out to our clients to ensure they have the best every time.

Now, start your website.

Following these simple steps:

How to start Your Web Development Project.

Since we operate without borders, our website is your primary point of interaction with us.

We created our website so our clients can select whichever service they want and we will get the process started swiftly.

We will walk you through the process of requesting for your web development project.

Here we go;

Step 1

On our website. This link should take you to our web development page.

Step 2

Select the type of Website development you want to develop for; either a personal website, business website or a custom website. As a matter of fact, all our websites are custom made. However, the options are to give us an idea of what you want. (Screenshot below)

Web design

Step 3

Fill in your details in the form available, and we would contact you following up on your idea. (Screenshot below)

Web design

Finally, what else is holding you back from developing your project with us?

We are waiting earnestly for you.

Hit us up in the comment section and let’s get talking.

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