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Website design in Nigeria has become very popular given the advancement in technology trends around the world. Over the last few decades, there has been a significant improvement in web design compared to its initial entrance into Nigeria. Many trends have evolved and are continuously changing the outlook of website design in the country dramatically.

Here, we are going to show you how to choose the right web designer or developer for your website. You should also look out for some website myths that we are going to be demystifying. And if you have been wondering where to find the best website designers and developers, hang on, we are bringing to you the best web designers in this post and the cost of different websites.

How to choose the right web designer or developer for your website, where to find the best website designers and developers, and the cost of different websites are all in this post.

Have a low budget but want a great website?

No worries, find out here, where and how to hire cheap web designers for your website.

Types of Website

Many decades before now, large-scale corporations or companies were the only groups associated with owning a website. This puts a chasm in the business scene between large organisations and medium scale organisations. This chasm is not so vast anymore; a lot has changed as it regards website design and development primarily in Nigeria. Everybody can now have a website thanks to the increasing knowledge and availability of web designers and developers.

Websites were previously not available to small businesses. Now, however, having a website is now easily accessible for SMEs

There are various types of websites which we are going to categorise simply into three groups;

  • Business website
  • Personal website
  • E-commerce website

These three categories encompass the various types of websites that exist on the internet.

  • The Business Website

This type of website is intended for large corporations, and they are generally custom made. This custom made websites are built from the ground up to the specification of the client, i.e. they are tailored to the need of the client. This type of site requires that you have an expert web developer to handle this project.

  • A Personal Website

Personal websites include blogs and other websites that are not more than 3-4 pages. The intent to get publicity are the primary reasons for this type of site. Design and visual appeal would be the essential element of this type of website.

  • E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is usually for buying and selling. It requires that the web designer is well skilled in developing this type of website must be easy to use for the users.

So how do you get a website developer for your website?

Hiring cheap website developers would require a little bit of skill to get top quality websites.

Hiring the best web designer

hire a web developer

When you are on a budget but want a quality job done on your project; you will need to contact an inexpensive web developer to help you build. But how do you get the right kind of web developer for your website need? We promised to show you where to get the best web designers and developers for your business, here they are:

Special man global solution LTD.

When you are on a budget but want a quality job done on your project; think no further than us.

Ever heard of us? We are the best in the business of website development. We work within your budget to deliver the best quality of website to you.

As a web development company, we have developed various websites for businesses and brands. Developing various strategies to deliver the website project in the shortest time possible so that you will have that web presence that you desire quickly.

One issue we encountered developing websites is cost. A lot of people often complain that they don’t have the finance to pay for the kind of site they desire. Hence, they go for a lesser one which does not fit their business or personal goal.

What we offer you when you contact us to develop your website.

  • Research First Policy

We conduct thorough researches around your idea with the aim of getting the best possible angle to position your business because we understand that every Website project; be it a Web app or a Website has a business side to it.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

For all development project we undertake, we do not collect your sensitive information about the website project without signing a Non-Disclosure agreement. We value your idea so much and ensure that your important ideas are protected against theft or imitators, although great ideas are prone to be copied eventually.

  • Money Back Policy

Timely delivery of every project is our watchword hence we set up a Money Back policy to make sure our Clients gets back their money if we delay on delivery time.

  • Affordable Pricing

Our prices are affordable, and we are open to partnerships and or collaborations in some individual cases. We understand that technology is rapidly changing, so we are continuously learning to sharpen our skills to deliver the best quality every time to our clients.

  • Continuous Support/Maintenance

Most website development companies build your project and leave you afterwards, but we don’t, we stay on with you to continuously improve your product and even help you with your marketing campaign. As an Organization, we give ourselves all out to our clients to ensure they have the best every time. Our support lines are always swift to answer if you have any questions.

  • Added Services

When you develop your Website with us, you don’t just get a website. You also get added services like quality SEO content, Logos and branding, promotional videos for advertisements and marketing and many more.

So now guys, let’s explain website development cost.

Web design cost

Website cost

Various factors like the type of website, the experience level of the developer and many others influence the web design cost. Here, we would list the website cost according to the type of websites.

  • Custom Websites (₦250,000-₦300,000)

The client determines the way custom websites are designed as they are done to the specification the client intends. Expert industry knowledge, quality SEO content and brand strategy to propel the brand behind the website are put into account when developing a custom website. Custom websites are popular among cooperate organisations and large corporations who are particular about their brand representation. Custom web development project involves quite some web developers and web designers to give that superior quality associated with custom web design.

The estimated cost for a custom website is ₦250,000-₦300,000. The time frame for development is typically between 7days to 28days.

  • Content Management System Websites (WordPress Sites) (₦80,000-₦140,000)

CMS sites allow you edit digital content on your website. CMS websites are typically used for adding, modifying, and removing contents-images or texts on your websites without technical knowledge on web design (HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript). The most popular CMS is word press. WordPress websites also come with themes for the front ends design and plugins for special functions on the websites.  This helps the web design to be more straightforward to develop.

The themes for your CMS site can either be bought, free or built specifically for you and they are classified differently based on your business or enterprise need. The CMS website can be custom made; it will just cost a little less than custom-made websites to build. Development time for CMS websites is between 7- 28days, and it cost approximately ₦80,000-₦140,000.

  • Forums (₦150,000-₦200,000)

Forum websites are a very interactive and information sharing type of website.  Examples are Nairaland, StackOverflow, etc. they involve having an extensive database and robust security at the server side. Building this type of website will take a few days more than the CMS website, about 8-30 days typically and it would cost ₦150,000-₦200,000.

  • Ecommerce (₦150,000-₦200,000)

E-commerce websites are largely prevalent in Lagos; they are websites that allow you to buy and pay of goods on the same platform. These type of website like the forum website involves a secure database. The front end design for this site usually has to be aesthetically appealing and adequately segmented.

E-commerce websites can either be a custom-made design or a template based design, depending on your preference and features you want it to have. This website would cost ₦150,000-₦200,000 to develop and would take 7-18days to build.

  • Blogs (₦50,000-₦70,000)

Blog sites are a content-based site, they can either be template based or custom made. They do not take so much time to develop and generally don’t cost so much to build compared to custom websites. The time frame for creating a blog is usually between 1- 8days depending on the complexity of the blog.

The cost of developing a blog is ₦50,000-₦70,000.

  • Personal (₦50,000-₦70,000)

A personal website is typically used in most creative businesses which include photography, resume or graphic design portfolio. They don’t cost a lot to develop, the price range is ₦50,000-₦70,000, and it would take 1-10days to build.

Various factors like the type of website, the experience level of the developer and many others influence the web design cost

Now you are thoroughly acquainted with what it cost to develop a beautiful website that fits your need.

Remember how we promised you to demystify certain website myths?

Let’s get right to it.

Four (4) Myths about having a website

Website Myth
  • Writing Content on your website is the easy part This is actually not true because writing quality content on your site is what would make you rank number one any search engine. To do this you’ll need to have an expert SEO content writer. This SEO content writer should always be part of the development team when developing your site. This is a tip for always looking out for a development team rather than a freelancer for your website project.
  • Having a website is majorly for the business Having a website is actually to connect with your users, visitors and not for the business owner. The reason we have user experience for websites is so that we can confirm if the websites are fit for the user.
  • Using website builders saves you money This is not true. When you use a website builder for your website without any technical knowledge at all, you would not be having a website at all because it would not go live for anyone to see without the right professional assistance.
  • My website needs to look beautiful to attract people Although a pretty website is excellent for the eyes. The website is intended for a particular type of user, hence it is important to put them first. Also, proper advertising needs to be done, where the users can connect with you- the brand behind the website. Digital Marketing and website ownership go hand in hand, always remember this.

Myths are those assumptions that are associated with a particular thing or product

Website design Nigeria requires that you have competent hands working on your website idea. Ideas are precious; and if a web design is not done right,the whole project would be ruined. Hence be sure to drop by on our site and request for your website. We are always on the lookout for SMEs looking to expand their reach with a website.

Use the comment section to tell us what you think or some other myths surrounding websites you want to clarify.