SGS Frontend Development Checklist


  1. Are the headings consistent with other pages?
  2. Are the texts consistent with other pages?
  3. Are the font and style correct?
  4. Are you using proper HTML tags for headings?


  1. Can the image be compressed more to reduce the size?
  2. Is the image responsive?
  3. Does the image have proper accessibility property like alt?


  1. Is the text field display consistent across different types like text, password, select-option, text area?
  2. Can you submit empty data?
  3. Eye/view icon should be available for all password fields
  4. Is proper validation applied for all fields
  5. Are form data submitting to the correct API endpoint parameters?
  6. Check if errors are displayed properly.
  7. Can the submit button be clicked twice on the same data?
  8. Is there feedback to the user while processing the form.
  9. Are fields that can be populated, properly populated?


  1. Is the page responsive across multiple screen sizes?
  2. Is the page responsive on other browsers?