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There are over one billion websites on the internet. Note: This figure will go up in a few minutes. Websites are a way to gain global exposure and interact with a large audience who would likely connect with your brand, business or message.  In Nigeria, we have quite a number of websites developers who would charge you whatsoever amount to develop your website. Whatever way they design and develop it may not be relevant to you, but it should be if you want your website to stand out from the crowd?

 “How do you stand out in the crowded web and capture that audience?”

Custom web Development

Website Custom

First, Custom designs are bespoke, tailored to a specific client or purpose. Your audience and your brand are your unique assets and should be the primary focus when developing a custom website and all of its assets.  Every element of your custom website should carry the owner and the user along so that what is portrayed doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Most website owners are usually perturbed by the cost to develop a custom website; hence they stick whatever type of website is cheaper- this is like choosing quantity over quality. A custom website costs what it cost because of certain explainable and justifiable reasons. You would see that in the later sections of this post. Would be websites owners should always look for web developers who are not just after money but web developers who know what is best for you and as per quality and affordability.

The process it takes to develop a website especially in Nigeria doesn’t differ from anywhere else in the world. In true Nigerian fashion, we often settle for less because of price.  Let’s take you through the process we go through when creating a website as a web development company who sees technology as a tool.

Web Development our way

Web development our way

Getting to know you

Our first step in developing any of our projects is, getting to know you. After you must have shared your idea with us, we research to know the best approach to your project type. Then we present it to you. Once you accept, we are good to go on your project.

Secure line

We know that your project is precious to you, so we implement a non-disclosure agreement so that your valuable information is kept valuable.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but usability is in the hands of the user. We bear this in mind whenever we design any project. Our team of User interface designers and usability experts along with our visual identity designers team up on this one. For a website project, the targeted audience is put first place. We usually design a brand identity for our client. Especially if they don’t have that before or if what they have already is not the best fit for them based on our research.

An interactive prototype is delivered to the client to get their opinion on it before we proceed further.


The codes that make up the website is writing here based on the specification of the design already made. Web programmers and Code writers get together on this.


A test tells the truth about the work put in. The finished website undergoes a check for errors, usability analysis and speed rate. Once we are satisfied with the reports from the test, the client gets to access the website via a secured server before moving the site to a live server.

Never Walk Alone

The best part about working with us is that you are never left alone even after project delivery. We are available for questions, training and a techy conversation. We love saying hellos. Just so that you enjoy your product, stress-free.

Well, now you know the process that goes on from our end when we undertake a website project. Nothing is left to chance at all because we know that your website is the window to your brand. We always want people to return.

Speaking of return;

How do you keep your site vistors ?

Usability_SEO_Digital Marketing

Website Seo

Websites have many intricate details about them, one of which is SEO. Your website should be SEO friendly so that it can be easily accessible on the search engine’s first page.

When we handle web projects one of the instructions we give to our client is that they put out quality content on their websites. Images should be well labelled and text well constructed. One of Google’s metrics is quality content when indexing your site. You do not want to spend money to build a site and due to poor management lose it. It is one of the many reasons we choose to stay on while training the website owners on how to take care of their site. We also provide great copywriters for them.


Another crucial thing that keeps users coming back to your site is Usability. Every website should have remarkable user-friendliness. As a design company, we have ensured that usability is upheld strictly and every website passes the usability test.

Knowing how to write codes doesn’t always equals knowing how to develop a website.

Digital Marketing

Maintaining a social profile is essential in getting target users to see you. Also, employing the right digital marketing approach will get users coming back to your site for more of your goodness. This is part of the package we offer our clients for all their projects.

Remember that the website is like a billboard that tells what you do, how you do what you do and why you do what you do. Your website is the window to your brand, always sell a good brand image.

The goal of your website is to get you seen, not as one of the regulars on the web space but as a unique brand. Getting a regular website may not help you achieve that and here is why:

What is the difference between a template site and a custom site?

Template vs Custom websites

A familiar question among would be website owners is;“what is the difference between this custom website and the template website, like what is the benefit are they not all websites?

Template websites

A template website is a predefined website (it puts you in the box). Most of the codes are already written and tested. On a good note, Template websites are time savers especially to web developers; i.e. the people who write the codes, and they are cost-effective too, the main reason why is it often in use.

(PS: Developers are not all coders. They are the total number of people required to achieve a specific developmental task. They include; content writers, code writers, programmers, User interface designer et al. They can be as much as possible to achieve the aim of the task.)

You are probably wondering if this isn’t a “good thing?” because at least your website would be up and running in time.

Hold that thought for a bit.

Most template websites do not fit into every business type. If you doubt this, ask your favourite web developer. For a template to meet your need like a glove to the hand; the web developer must tweak it to achieve what you hope for and this in some way is like building a custom website. Not every web developer can do this too.

So why stress?

Why don’t you go for the quality that stands you out from the mix?

How a custom website makes you stand out

Website stand out

Let’s think about your brand for a minute; how do interact with people? What is your ‘voice’ as a brand? (Your voice is what you are, your message to your intended audience. You voice generally encompass your personality as a brand.)

Whatever type of website you do create already gives you a voice on the internet, but is it the best voice?

When building a custom website, the web developer would be required to study your idea, brand and brand philosophy.  Studying this will inform things like the colours to use, the type of font to use and so many other things which from our web development experience is what we pratice on every web development project.

The target audience is the recipient of your voice as a brand. If they are not identified clearly they would be missed and your design would be flawed because it has failed to resonate with the intended user.

Users will keep coming back to your website over and again when you get the target user interested in your brand. Custom websites may be expensive (relatively) but it is cost effective when the right measures are put in place.  As for timely delivery, we have you covered because we have a money back guarantee for falling behind schedule.

Expensive is not really a thing with us because we have payment plans that suit your project type.


PS: If your idea is so good and it so happens that you cannot fit into any of our budget schemes, we are open to partnerships and collaborations on your project.

We often tell our clients that we are the best for your monies worth.

In need of a website development company that is awesome?

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