Make a change against corruption(MadACT) – Web and Mobile App

“Hi, I’m Corruption; dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially of people in authority” Kayeon

The Client

Youth Alive Foundation.

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The Challenge

To develop and design a youth focused anti-corruption portal for the YPAC project. The YPAC project aims at strengthening youth participation in the fight against corruption.

The portal would include a web and mobile platform that educates, engages and enlightens the general public to spark interactions to proffer crucial contributions on the fight against corruption in the public sector. The mobile App is for both Android and IOS devices.

Our Solution

Leveraging on existing technology in developing Websites and Mobile Apps. We studied youth-like interactions with websites, blogs and social media to develop the MADACT portal.

The mobile App

The Android and IOS app has a beautiful User Interface that is interactive and fulfills the aim of the whole app- to share information and build a community of people who are fighting against corruption.

App Screens

The Corruption Map

This is a visual representation of how corruption exsit within the Nigerian System, depicting the herculean task Anti-corruption fighter have. It was used as the backdrop of the splash screen for the mobile App.

Overall Details of MadAct Project

We introduced a Corrupt Incidence Alert, to report corrupt public office holders who engage in acts of corruption.

A Top Trending stories which serve as the blog for the portal, where news and trending stories about corruption would be posted.

Every user of the portal has a dashboard from which they can monitor their activity and interaction within the portal.

In the bid to educate the general public, a resources section was included that allow anti-corruption activist and legal practitioners post educative materials regarding corruption and the fight against it.

An opinion poll and discussions are poised to keep users engaged with various users creating content and generating opinions from the polls on their role in anti-corruption.

We implemented these solution to both the website and mobile app platform of the project. However, the mobile App provides a push notification to the user when there is a new content on the trending stories and when another user interacts with them.

Designing the MADACT logo

We noticed the Client didn’t have a logo for their project so we designed one for them.

We paid attention to the youthful target audience and their vitality for life and progressiveness, hence we chose the colour GREEN.

We played around with a few ideas and settled on this; for its simplicity and connection with the project. WHITE was used for the M in hope of the victory over corruption in the country.

Project Timeline

The stated time line was 145days. To deliver both the MADACT website and the mobile App for both Android and IOS version. We negotiated to deliver the Website and Android Version within the stipulated time frame and we did just that.

Client Appraisal

It is a beautiful thing to work with SGS, excellent communication and very innovative team. I would recommend them to anybody.

– Dr Udy Okon (Director Youth Alive Foundation)