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Having an idea for your app development is a start, and frankly, it is the first step in your development process. The app design that is tangible begins when you have a development team available to create your app. So how do you hire a cheap app developer?
When I say cheap, please know that cheap is relative because everybody may not require cheap. But if you are trying to stay on a budget while searching for quality app developers, this post is for you.

So let’s say how do you hire app developers?


If you are trying to stay on a budget while looking for quality, look no further than us.

An app with a beautiful aesthetic feel doesn’t qualify as a great app with quality. The app stores would not accept any app that is not up to a particular standard. You would not want your app to fall below the standard and not get featured on the app store now would you?

While you would want to stay on your budget when you want to start your app project, it is also advisable that you know what to look out for when trying to hire app developers that would not cost so much.
So we are going to be Listing four crucial things to look out for when trying to get cheap app developers for your project.

Level of experience

An app developer without experience is sadly not easy to spot.
Here is why: With tech guys come a lot of tech jargon, if you are not in that circle, you can never know what they mean. First, let me tell you for free that technology is simple; if any developer cannot explain in simple terms what they are going to do in your project, mark that as a red flag.

Technology is Simple.

Saying exuberant things to impress a client without stating a problem and providing a solution doesn’t just cut it. You should straightforward just cut that type of developer out.
Experience in application development is born from working on some projects which are typical of development companies. Also, it involves knowing the right way to develop for any platform, e.g. Android platform, IOS platform and the web apps. A quality development team is not one with too much talk, but one that can provide a portfolio of what they have done.


Every development team should have a level of conversation about how they operate. How do they relate to you as a client? Do they come off as people who have integrity? Or as people who give big ideas without a roadmap to achieve them? In communicating with development teams, there are a few questions you should get concrete answers to. Some of them are listed below;

Can you submit the app to the app store?
Do you provide support?
Will you sign a copyright agreement or non-disclosure agreement?
Which platform do you develop for most?

These few questions can clarify the level of expertise of your prospective development company. Asking a few questions will also let you know if the app development team truly understands your idea.

Cost of development

The cost of app development is one of the reasons many people don’t go ahead to develop their app idea. This reason is also why you are reading this because you are looking to hire a cheap app developer who fits your budget rate. However, the cost of your app is relative to the type or nature of the app. A complex app would cost you more hence when budgeting for a project it is advisable to consult a development team to know the intricacies of the development process before setting up a budget.

Delivery model

How does your prospective development team deliver on their project? Once you can determine this, you are well on your way to hiring a development team. A delivery model is how the company commits to giving you your app as determined by software development life cycle.
The App development team can choose to give you at the end of the development stages which doesn’t allow for amendments if there are some corrections. The development team can also choose to deliver per phase completed, and this puts the client at the heart of the development. It is also easier to make amendments easily, but it makes the development process slower especially if the client doesn’t give feedback early.

These four (4) things to look out for when trying to hire app developers should not be glossed over if you genuinely want cheap app developers who would give you the quality you deserve.

5 Don’ts of Hiring app developers

• Don’t go with the cheapest bid: Often the cheapest proposal will result in a lack of quality.
• Don’t hire a novice: Always seek their experience in app development.
• Be wary of developers who set a short timeline for delivery of your project: Typically App development should take 2-3months minimum for development time.
• Don’t hire a freelancer: freelancers can assure you of quality in all sphere of your project, always go with a development team.
• Don’t hire someone who does not understand your idea: Sometimes the result would vary from the intended idea especially if the developer doesn’t understand your concept.

So where will you find the type of App developers that would fit perfectly like a glove?

Android, IOS and Hybrid App Developers for Hire

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Nzediegwu Federal University of Technology, Owerri (2015-PMT)”

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