Elannexus- School Management System Web App

The Client

El-anNexus Academy

The Challenge

To build a school management system that would manage both staff and student data.

Our Solution

The El-anNexus School Management App

Simplified Data Representation

We designed an easy to use data entry system with a visual data representation that is readable at a glance to quickly inform decision making by management. This requires no form of database programming knowledge.

elannexus student data
Student data
Elannexus Staff Data
Staff Data

Result Driven School Management System

All students’ results are recorded, computed and delivered from the School Management System App. This support collaborative effort among teaching staff and less paper usage.

El-anNexus Menu

Seamless Payroll

As an established school with staff to pay and student fees payment as well as other payment needs; we designed an effeective, seamless payroll system to manage the financial flow within the school.


Our SMS (School Management System) for El-anNexus has boosted the school standards in delivery quality education within Port-Harcourt. They are now one of the top reference schools in the region. Maintaining staff and student data is now a lot easier especially as a new session begins.

Project Timeline

3 Months

Project Showcase

Client Remark

Our school has been better since we started using the School Management System. Everything is now organised and seamless.